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We invite you to Shenzhen 2020 Nepcon Asia


Nepcon Asia Asia electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 26 to 28, 2020, which is the largest Nepcon exhibition in history. We will strive to build a connectivity platform for the electronic manufacturing industry.            

Promotion month, agents do not want to miss


Algerian agent of Zhicheng Exhibition. When I heard that the company was going to make a promotion, the optical machine, the optical machine, the optical machine did not hesitate to buy the 5 get 2 free model. I also specially visited the company!

My style, my choice


As soon as the Canton Fair was over, Bruno in Ecuador could n’t wait to come to the Zhicheng Exhibition, watch the newly upgraded WDS-620 optical alignment BGA rework station, the newly developed WDS-700 professional iPhone mobile phone repair machine, and snap up the company ’s promotional event machine Type buy 10 get 5WDS-600. This is not enough for Latin American market demand, also brought a WDS-700BGA rework station. It's really a powerful boss!

Youth struggling, the harder the harder you work


Time flies, Baiju passes through, and meets at the best time of youth is our fate. Time flies, and in a blink of an eye we and Zhicheng have watched together for many years, in the same boat,

I have confirmed my eyes and met the right person-Zhicheng Jingzhan


Wandering in time will lose the direction of progress; in a hurry in the years, all that is left is nothingness. In Zhicheng Jingxian, we went hand in hand with each other and set sail together, gradually growing and transforming. We are companion with youth, and dancing with passion. Because of the unforgettable fate, our hearts and hearts are together, and we look forward to helping each other, so let us live up to the time together and create beautiful memories together!

2019 Shanghai NEPCON Exhibition


10,000 waters and mountains are just waiting for you, all lakes and seas are all friendship, 2019 is a year of resignation and welcome new years, Zhicheng spares no effort to ignite new hope and release new dreams! Sincere invitations are only waiting for your arrival, we will welcome you most warmly!