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A linear slide is used so that the X, Y, and Z axes can be finely adjusted or quickly positioned, with high positioning accuracy and fast operability.



Ordinary three temperature zone BGA rework station


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  • technical parameter
  • Features of WDS-580 BGA rework station:

    1. A linear slide is used so that the X, Y, and Z axes can be finely adjusted or quickly positioned, with high positioning accuracy and fast operability.

    2. The machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface, controlled by single chip microcomputer, and can store multiple sets of user temperature curve data. The password protection and modification function at power-on, the temperature is reflected to the touch screen in the form of curve during working, and has the function of instant curve analysis

    3. The three temperature zones are used for independent heating, the upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air, and the bottom temperature zone is infrared heated. The temperature is accurately controlled within ± 3 degrees. The upper temperature zone can be moved freely as needed, the second temperature zone can be adjusted up and down, and the upper and lower heaters Multiple temperature controls can be set at the same time. The IR preheating zone can adjust the output power according to the actual requirements.

    4. The hot air nozzle can rotate 360 ​​°. The bottom infrared heater can make the PCB board heat evenly.

    5. High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control is selected, and an external temperature measurement interface is used to accurately detect the temperature. The positioning of the PCB board uses a V-shaped groove, and the flexible and convenient movable universal fixture protects the PCB board and prevents PCB Edge device damage and PCB deformation, and can adapt to the repair of various BGA package sizes.

    6. A high-power cross-flow fan is used to quickly cool the PCB board and improve work efficiency. At the same time, a built-in vacuum pump and an external vacuum suction pen are used to conveniently and quickly take the BGA chip.

    7. The alarm prompt function is completed after the welding work is completed, and the "advance alarm" function is added for the convenience of users.

    8. This machine has passed CE certification and is equipped with an emergency stop switch and an automatic power-off protection device for abnormal accidents. In the case of temperature runaway, the circuit can be automatically powered off and has dual over-temperature protection functions.

  • Technical parameters of WDS-580 BGA rework station:

    Total power


    Upper heating power


    Lower heating power


    Lower infrared heating power

    2700W (1200W controlled)

    power supply

    Single phase (Single Phase) AC 220V ± 10 50Hz


    V-shaped card slot + universal fixture

    temperature control

    High-precision K-type thermocouple (Ksensor) closed-loop control (Closed Loop), independent temperature measurement from top to bottom, temperature accuracy up to plus or minus 3 degrees;

    Selection of electrical appliances

    Touch screen + temperature control module + MCU

    Maximum PCB size

    400 × 370mm

    Minimum PCB size

    10 × 10mm

    Number of temperature measuring interfaces


    PCB thickness


    Applicable chip



    500 × 590 × 650mm

    Machine weight

    Net weight 40kg


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