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WDS-780 is a precision disassembly and assembly system with an optical alignment system (upper hot air, lower hot air + infrared mixed heating), which is used for rework station for soldering various types of packaging.



Optical automation BGA rework station


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    Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous, while saving space;

    Integrated design of hot air head and placement head, driven by stepper motor, with automatic welding and automatic desoldering function, without external gas source;

    The upper and lower hot air heads are a new type of integrated heating method, which has the characteristics of infrared and hot air mixed heating, and the heating rate is fast, which can cause a large temperature difference between the removed BGA and the surrounding BGA. It does not affect the surrounding BGA during the desoldering process. This function It is most suitable for electronic components with a small distance between wafers; rapid heating and welding of the feet improves the success rate.

    Bottom infrared, three temperature zones are heated independently. Heating time and temperature are all displayed on the touch screen;

    The movable bottom preheating area is large, the PCB fixture can be adjusted flexibly on the X and Y axes, and the maximum splint size can reach 560 * 560mm;

    Bottom powerful cross-flow fan cooling, cooling quickly and reliably;

    Color high-definition optical vision system, with dichroic two-color, wireless remote control and magnification, including color difference resolution device, auto focus, software operation function, reworkable maximum BGA size 80 * 80mm, reworkable minimum BGA size 0.8 * 0.8mm;

    Embedded industrial control computer, touch screen man-machine interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, can display set curve and actual measurement curve, can analyze temperature measurement curve;

    Built-in vacuum pump, Φ angle 60 ° rotation, precise fine adjustment of mounting nozzle;

    8-stage temperature rise (fall) + 8-stage constant temperature control, mass storage temperature curve, curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen;

    The suction nozzle can automatically identify the suction material and the mounting height, and the pressure can be controlled within the range of 10 grams. It has 0 pressure suction and mounting functions for small wafers;

    Various sizes of alloy hot air nozzles are easy to replace and can be positioned at any angle of 360 °.

    The color optical vision system is automatically moved by the motor.

    Adopt the universal adjustable jig to complete the automatic pick and place chip function. Can improve the repair output.

    Configure temperature measurement port, with real-time temperature monitoring and analysis functions.

    With optional function:

    1. The temperature difference between the heating area and the adjacent area can be longer than 30 ° C, which can better protect the surrounding small BGA from reaching the melting point. This function is aimed at mobile phones, notebooks

    2. Specifications

    Device model WDS-780

    2. Maximum PCB size: W10 * D10 ~ W560 * D560mm

    3. PCB thickness: 0.8 ~ 5mm

    4. Applicable chip: 0.8 * 0.8 ~ 80 * 80mm

    5. The minimum pitch of applicable chips: 0.15mm

    6. Mounting maximum load: 150g

    7. Mounting accuracy: ± 0.01mm

    8. PCB positioning method: universal fixture + laser positioning lamp

    9. Fine adjustment of worktable: ± 10mm before and after, ± 10mm around

    10. Temperature control method: K-type thermocouple, closed-loop control

    11. Lower part hot air heating: hot air 1200W

    12. Upper hot air heating: hot air 1200W

    13. Bottom preheating: infrared 3000W

    14. Power supply: single-phase 220V, 50 / 60Hz

    15. Machine size: L860 * W930 * H900mm

    16. Machine weight: about 100KG


    With the increasing integration of electronic products, the chip package size is required to be smaller and smaller.


    POP packaging is used in mobile electronic products, and most mobile electronic products are filled with glue after welding, which is undoubtedly worse for POP packaging that is already difficult to handle. These have higher requirements for the comprehensive performance of the rework station, and the traditional disassembly method has been unable to adapt. Our zero-pressure and suspended disassembly can not only meet the rework process of the above products, but also have more superior performance for the traditional process, plus the original The auxiliary cooling function makes rework more convenient.


    img img


    Zero pressure disassembly


    The precise control based on the height of the machine can ensure that there is a slight gap between the suction cup and the BGA. When the vacuum is turned on, the high-temperature silicone suction cup will naturally pull downward, filling the gap between the suction cup and the BGA. BGA generates any pressure, and GBA is sucked up when the vacuum reaches a certain pressure. After the curve is completed, the upper wind head moves upward again, and the key action of zero-pressure disassembly is completed.



    Suspended disassembly


    Using a special nozzle (as shown below), the BGA will be clamped after heating to a certain temperature, so as to avoid the external force from deflecting the upper wafer. Since the special structure of the double L-shaped clip can also be used to disassemble the glued wafer, the wafer cannot be removed due to the ordinary structure, so manual work is necessary.


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