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The integrated design of hot air head and placement head has the functions of automatic placement, automatic welding and automatic disassembly;



Optical automation BGA rework station


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  • technical parameter
  • Main technical features of WDS-800A:

    The integrated design of hot air head and placement head has the functions of automatic placement, automatic welding and automatic disassembly;

    The upper wind head adopts a hot air system, which has a fast temperature rise, uniform temperature, and fast cooling (50-80 degrees can be suddenly dropped when the temperature is lowered), which can better meet the process requirements of lead-free soldering. The lower hot temperature zone adopts infrared + hot air mixed heating. Infrared directly acts on the heating area and conducts with the hot air at the same time, which can make up for each other's deficiencies and make the PCB heat up quickly (heating rate reaches 10 ° C / S), while the temperature remains uniform;

    Independent three temperature zones (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and the lower temperature zone realize synchronous automatic movement, and can automatically reach any position in the bottom infrared preheating zone. The lower temperature zone can move up and down, support the PCB, and adopt automatic motor control. Realize that the PCB does not move on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be moved to the target chip of the PCB;

    PCB card board adopts high-precision slider to ensure the placement accuracy of BGA and PCB board;

    The original bottom preheating platform adopts excellent heating materials imported from Germany (infrared gold-plated light tube) + anti-glare constant temperature glass (temperature resistance up to 1800 ℃). The preheating area reaches 500 * 420mm;

    The preheating platform, clamping plate device and cooling system can move in the X direction as a whole. Make PCB positioning and folding welding safer and more convenient;

    X, Y adopts the motor automatic control movement mode, which makes the positioning fast and convenient, the equipment space is fully utilized, and the ultra-large area PCB is repaired with a relatively small equipment volume, the maximum splint size can reach 510 * 480mm, and there is no corner for repair

    Double rocker control, alignment lens and upper and lower heating platform to ensure alignment accuracy;

    Built-in vacuum pump, φ angle rotation, precise fine adjustment of mounting nozzle;

    The suction nozzle automatically recognizes the suction material and the mounting height, and the pressure can be controlled within a tiny range of 10 grams. It has 0 pressure suction and mounting functions for small chips;

    The color optical vision system has manual X, Y direction movement, with split-color, magnification and fine-tuning functions, including color difference resolution device, auto focus, software operation function, and can be repaired with a maximum BGA size of 80 * 80 mm;

    Various sizes of alloy hot air nozzles are easy to replace and can be rotated and positioned 360 °;

    Configure 5 temperature measurement ports, with multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis function;

    With solid state operation display function, making temperature control more safe and reliable;

    The machine can automatically generate the SMT standard temperature disassembly curve at different temperatures in different regions, without manually setting the machine curve, and can be used by experienced operators to achieve machine intelligence;

    With a camera to observe the melting point of the side of the solder ball, it is convenient to determine the curve (this function is optional).

  • Main technical parameters of WDS-800A:

    Total power


    Upper heating power


    Lower heating power


    Infrared heating power

    5000W (2000W controlled)

    power supply

    Two-phase 220V, 50 / 60Hz


    The V-shaped card slot fixes the PCB, the laser positioning lamp is quickly positioned, and the motor can be moved by the joystick to move the X and Y axes at will;

    Number of drive motors and control area

    6 (separate edge control equipment heating head X, Y axis movement, alignment lens X, Y axis movement, the second temperature zone heating head Z1 electric lift, the upper heating head Z axis moves up and down;

    Whether the preheating area of ​​the third temperature zone is movable

    Yes (Move by electric method)

    Whether the upper and lower heating head can be moved as a whole

    Yes (Move by electric method)

    Whether the alignment lens can be automatically

    Yes (automatically move or manually control movement)

    Whether the equipment is equipped with suction and feeding device

    Yes (standard)

    Heating (preheating) method in the third temperature zone

    The use of bright infrared heating light tubes imported from Germany Phenomenon, can better improve the chip's soldering yield)

    Second temperature zone control method

    Electric automatic lifting

    temperature control

    High-precision K-type thermocouple (Ksensor) closed-loop control (Closed Loop), up and down independent temperature measurement Temperature control accuracy can reach ± ​​1 degree;

    Selection of electrical appliances

    Taiwan touch screen + high precision temperature control module + Panasonic PLC + Panasonic servo + stepper driver

    Maximum PCB size

    630 * 480mm (actual effective area, no rework corner)

    Minimum PCB size


    Number of temperature measuring interfaces


    Chip zoom in and out

    2-50 times

    PCB thickness


    Applicable chip


    Applicable chip minimum pitch


    Mounting maximum load


    Mounting accuracy


    Machine size

    L970 * W700 * H830mm

    Machine weight



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